Giving you control of your notifications and peace of mind


With the growing level of mental health disorder being linked to the addiction of mobile devices in the world and our environment and the total level of distraction, anxiety, depression and impulsivity that comes with it, even when we seek…

Sketch Design I made for Moo’s

The Challenge

This is a project from an Internship which I am currently running and this week I was tasked to design a landing page for a friends restaurant with just text, this design is to come with a minimal high-resolution image and no vector illustrations or image of a…

Blank + Commitment = Commencement of a Journey

Here’s to the start of filling a blank page.

Design has always been about chasing beauty and making things look appealing and attractive, but over the years it has become more than just glamour and appeal, it has been that of communication and making people understand that design should be…

Chinedu Daniel Okeke

Product Designer | Designing for usability & accessibility

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