Giving you control of your notifications and peace of mind


With the growing level of mental health disorder being linked to the addiction of mobile devices in the world and our environment and the total level of distraction, anxiety, depression and impulsivity that comes with it, even when we seek and want peace of mind, we still can’t find it because of how we are connected to the social media world. This project is targeted at finding a solution to pop-up notifications on mobile devices to give users the freedom to choose.

Research overview

In this section is information gathered…

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Have you ever had this beautiful thought in your head, so beautiful you could almost taste it and then you just go ahead to make it happen, make it work and make it worth your time, the rigorous process that it takes for that thought to be implemented and actualised, the sleepless night that it takes to make sure it works even after implementation and actualisation, sometimes you might not understand what it is or if you went through the right process to achieve your goal, that process is likely a design thinking process?

Let us educate ourselves on what…

Sketch Design I made for Moo’s

The Challenge

This is a project from an Internship which I am currently running and this week I was tasked to design a landing page for a friends restaurant with just text, this design is to come with a minimal high-resolution image and no vector illustrations or image of a person allowed. This has proven difficult to everyone in the internship, the reason being that we are used to making things out by the imagery we see or how they make us feel, well the goal of this task which I believe is to open our minds to a world…

Balance = Design
Balance = Design
Image Credit Perfectly Balanced Rocks

If you were to ask me what design is I would probably give you all the best definitions by the best designers in the design world, I could even go further to quote the greatest artiste in the world tailoring their artistic quotes to a design quote, but if I were to ask you, yes you, what design is, you’d probably say it is how beautiful a banner looks, or how beautiful a website looks or how beautiful design looks, well, design is everything and everywhere, from the air we breathe to the steps we take, to the way we…

Blank + Commitment = Commencement of a Journey

Here’s to the start of filling a blank page.

Design has always been about chasing beauty and making things look appealing and attractive, but over the years it has become more than just glamour and appeal, it has been that of communication and making people understand that design should be everyone it should be usable, understandable and purpose-driven.

My journey has been that of confusion and the mindset that I am not good enough at every turn, maybe it’s the inferiority complex within or if that is how I was designed, I might never know, although I have heard from…

A major merger happened in the banking industry that almost tore through the whole of Nigeria in 2019, although talks have been ongoing since 2018, it was the talk of the town for about Three Months before the Merger date, two multinational banks in Nigeria decided to merge to become one Access Bank and Diamond Bank..

Merging in its simplest form is when two companies decide to pull their resources together and become one and take up a single name and reflects both entities Goals, Aims and Objective, many times this initiative is taken to grow a particular industry and…

Chinedu Daniel Okeke

Product Designer | Designing for usability & accessibility

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