My Design Journey, A Blank Page

Blank + Commitment = Commencement of a Journey

Here’s to the start of filling a blank page.

Design has always been about chasing beauty and making things look appealing and attractive, but over the years it has become more than just glamour and appeal, it has been that of communication and making people understand that design should be everyone it should be usable, understandable and purpose-driven.

My journey has been that of confusion and the mindset that I am not good enough at every turn, maybe it’s the inferiority complex within or if that is how I was designed, I might never know, although I have heard from the design community of something called the imposter syndrome, so I have no choice but to make sure I wake up every morning by making it count fighting my demons and rising above it.

It’s been 4 Month since I ventured into the UI/UX Design community and I would gladly say that it has been an impressive turn, not easy but impressive, you can’t just sleep on a particular concept, you have to re-invent yourself every single time, nothing stays the same, you have to be fluid, you have to be able to change direction, you have to be better.

The materials online are impressive the courses online are mind-blowing whatever you need is just right there waiting for you to make use of.
Everyone is eager to assist with any difficulty you might encounter, everyone you turn to already encountered that same problem, everyone is driven by the sole purpose of making things work, solving problems that would make a product easier for the user, it has been an impressive journey altogether and it is the community that helps people grow. I am glad to have started on this path and I am glad to have grown over time, I am glad to be in this Internship, I am glad to have put in more effort even though I know I can do more, but direction is needed in everything we venture into, hence the reason i joined the internship.

I am in the WeJapa Internship to gain more knowledge, build myself, get amazing job offers, meet amazing friends that our vision aligns with growth, consistency and continuity and build an amazing career towards making usable products centered on the user, let’s not forget, making good money too should be a goal lol.

Thank you.

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Product Designer | Designing for usability & accessibility

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