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It is not just words customers read, it is how those words make a customer feel every time they land on a screen, a page or interact with a product, it is crucial to understand this in order to write a good copy.

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So, this week, we would be touching on UX Writing, Yippee! I know someone is extremely excited about this.

So let’s jump straight to the point, what is UX Writing

UX writing is the process of researching, planning and executing microcopies in apps, websites and other digital products for navigation and communication purposes. UX writing is more than just writing, it is infused with direction, emotion and clarity.

UX writing is a subset of UX Design just as UI Design is a subset of Graphic design, it is important to note that design is broad and encompasses different subsets but one can always be an expert in a particular field, which is mostly known as specialization.

How do others define UX Writing?

uxcontent.com defines it as a practice of crafting all of the customer-facing text or copy that appears within digital products. UX writing helps users understand how to use and interact with software products, including desktop and mobile apps, games, and other “multimodal” experiences including voice interactions (think talking TVs, Google Home devices, or car interfaces). The primary goal of UX writing is to guide users to complete tasks in web products or mobile apps. UX writers are interaction designers for words.

Expanding on the role of a UX Writer.

A UX Writer could be a generalist or simply be a specialist, it doesn’t really matter, so far you are good at what you do, write good, interactive and engaging copies and make sure you are up to date with industry standards, making a good copy shouldn’t be so difficult.

UX Writers also undergo research in order to understand the industry they are writing for and tailor the copies to properly communicate the right and proper words to the customers. UX writing consists of buttons, Menus, Labels, Error messages, Toast messages, Security notes, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies and so much more. This doesn’t mean that good writers make good UX writers but it is easier to understand and implement UX Writing if you have/had past experience writing.

Beyond Lorem Ipsum

It’s bad practice to design a product with Lorem Ipsum, it doesn’t in any way give the product the life it deserves and it doesn’t show that you are a professional, in order to make stakeholders and your colleagues understand and relate with the product you are designing for, the right words, copies or statements needs to be present, this gives a cleared perspective into what is feasible and relatable on the product. This gives your product life.

So why is UX Writing important

It is important because it helps in directing the overall user experience, it helps users navigate and interact within and with a product, there’s something important about UX writing that most people hardly talk about and that is the importance of communication, it breaks all barriers, it is efficient and effective also.

Examples of good UX copies

Here are examples of UX copies that would give you a glimpse of what Good copy entails.


They simply went straight to the point to tell the customers/users what they do and where they do it, with concise CTA’s.

When you scroll further, paystacks value proposition doesn’t leave the customers thinking or wondering what benefit they stand to gain or how the products would help them make things easier.

Tangerine Life

To avoid overthinking from the customer's onboarding process on Tangerine Life, the customers’ requirement is straight to the point and it is as minimal as possible.


With the product coming soon in different locations while still active on the website, Kuda Bank took the time to create a page that prompts the customers to register their details and be the first to know when the product goes live. This is good storytelling with a leading impact.


Ouredenlife uses an engaging CTA button to make it obvious what they are all about, making life easier for people who use their product.

There are thousands of websites with amazing copies, you could come across one or more in your own time, kindly do the due diligence, study it and understand why some decisions were made.

So let’s talk about what really makes an effective UX Writer.

What makes an effective UX Writer?

Be empathic.

Sell the benefits.

Speak the user’s language.

Take out complexity.

Make the copy language consistent.

Avoid jargon, use appropriate language, tone and style

Illustration and image must tally with the copy.

Keep it short and concise


Becoming a UX Writer doesn’t require any form of special education, what you do need is to understand people and products, find a common ground and create an engaging copy that is well understood.

See you in my next episode of Design with Chinedu, I would be touching more on this topic What is UX Research?


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